Coaching And Healing                     Finding Solutions Together
Victor Walker Bsc.Hons (Psych) DHP.DNLP. Reiki Master

Finding Solutions Together Focuses On:
Taking you from where you are to where you want to be.
Moving you towards the solution or solutions.
Teaching new ways of resolving your issues and correcting any limiting beliefs
running in your Mental Programming.  
Also teaching you any new skills that you need.  
Relaxation is also taught so that you can relax at will.
What I am doing is coaching you into a new way of
behaving and feeling, which can be programmed with aid of hypnosis
Achieving your desired outcome and success for your personal development.
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    Learn the Secrets of Relief From Stress Now

Do you feel overwhelmed?

Do you feel there is never enough time?

Do you often feel confused?

Do you find you easily get angry or emotional?

Do you feel frustrated, not knowing where to go or what to do?

Do you fear that you are not always doing the right thing?

Do you feel unable to cope?

Do you feel that there is something wrong with you?