Coaching And Healing                     Finding Solutions Together
Victor Walker Bsc.Hons (Psych) DHP.DNLP. Reiki Master

A Changed Person
You have had a massive input in my life in a very positive way. You are a special person my words only scratch the surface of the depth of my thanks.  
A new lease of life
As you are aware I came to you, as a last resort and in a very distressed state.  I spent 7years in agony with acute tension headache and struggled to get through each day and some nights.  I spent a lot of time and money seeking a cure.  I saw doctors, neurologist, osteopath, dietician, ear, nose and throat specialist, dentist, optician.  Tried acupuncture the list seems endless.  By chance I came across you advert and here I am in a few weeks a new woman.  My family and I can not thank you enough and I only hope others will benefit as much as I have.
I have achieved my goal

Thank you very much for your helping me achieve my goal, I have passed my driving test with flying colours. I am now feeling able to cope by relaxing with your CD.

Change for the better
Just a quick note to say thanks keep up the good (Brilliant) work!! Hooray for the CD saves lives!! (It does) 
many thanks again.  Tabby
Managing Better

Many thanks for helping me could not off managed without you.
The healing I received on a number of occasions has proved to be very helpful in calming me down and feeling much more relaxed and peaceful.
Counselling and Support

I am still finding the counselling and support you have given me in the past of enormous benefit.