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Victor Walker Bsc.Hons (Psych) DHP.DNLP. Reiki Master

What Is Spiritual Healing?

To many people who have spiritual or divine healing, as it is sometimes called, it is a wonderful experience. Yet to many people it is still a mystery and they ask, "WHAT IS SPIRITUAL HEALING?" Although healing has been known and used for thousands of years it is even now not fully understood. It is an energy which flows between a healer and the patient, the precise nature of that energy is not known. It has been studied scientifically and is capable of being measured yet it does not conform to the generally accepted rules of physical science.

What Can Healing Do For The Patient?

It can assist the natural healing resources of the mind and body to recover their former functions. It should never be regarded as an alternative to normal medical treatments and patients should continue to consult their doctor. However, the medical or surgical treatments are often much more effective if the healing is given side by side with the physical treatment. There is abundant evidence that healing quickly reduces the effect of shock whether the shock is due to accident or surgery. On occasions, these natural healing treatments produce unexpected beneficial results

Can Animals Be Helped?

Healing can help animals. Some healers are more experienced in giving healing to animals than others. Cats, dogs, horses rabbits, and birds have been helped

Can Healing Be Guarantied?

Healing, whether it is given once or many times, can never be guaranteed to produce either an improvement or cure. Nevertheless, healing given by a trained and experienced healer will never do harm, but in most cases will produce a marked improvement.

Do I Need to Have Faith in the Healing for It to Work?

Although undoubtedly faith does help, there are many examples of people being helped who do not have any faith in the healing.  As the healing begins to work and the patient starts to feel better, the faith in the treatment grows naturally.

Does The Healing Given By One Healer Clash With That Given By Another?

The answer is No it does not.
If the healer that has helped you is not available, ask him to recommend another healer. All healing can be beneficial but people respond better to healing given by certain healers.

How Often Do I Need To Have Healing?

There are no fixed rules concerning the number of treatments needed to improve a condition. Most healers work on the basis of giving one treatment per week. Where it is necessary- for example when a patient is in pain or the condition is chronic, treatment can be twice or three times weekly. You cannot have too much treatment.
Spiritual healing is a complementary therapy and works in conjunction with orthodox treatment.

What Is Felt During Treatment?

Sometimes the person receiving the healing will experience a  pleasant feeling of warmth. Others will only have a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Because healing has its origins in the Divine, patients often experience a wonderful feeling of peace and spiritual upliftment.
Always contact your doctor first if you feel unwell,  in case medical treatment is necessary.

What Can I Do To Help The Healing?

During the actual healing session you can relax as much as you can and open your mind to receiving the healing energy. Even if you do not have faith in it,  keeping an open or unbiased mind can assist the flow of the healing energy.


Can be during the day or evening and usually take place by appointment at  Rainbows End.
Allow about 20-25 minutes for the healing and 5-10 minutes to rest afterwards
If  you can not attend please let us know at least 24 hours beforehand.
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Always contact your doctor first if you feel unwell,